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What is The Advisory Advantage Programme?

Many business development programmes sell education and mentoring. We think this approach is fundamentally flawed. Busy business owners like you don’t have the time to learn and then implement change when you are busy dealing with clients and staff. That’s why the Advisory Advantage programme does the work for you. Our team fulfil the essential requirements based on discussions with your Advisory Advantage consultant.

What you’re buying is a mix of top-level strategic advice and planning for practise growth, combined with relevant, modern business tools, collateral and professionally written unique content.

It’s perfect for small or medium-sized businesses looking to sell in a few years, ramping up for a period of growth, or looking for an advantage in a downturn, or for owners who want more out of life.

What Are The Benefits?

Increase your profits
Build a strong brand & reputation
Become a trusted advisor
Attract a better quality of staff

The Programme

The programme follows a sequence that develops your business at a steady pace, allowing you and your team to adapt as the improvements occur. We don’t want to go so fast that the wheels fall off.

In 3 Simple Steps

Contact an Advisory Advantage consultant to arrange a FREE 30 minute strategy session. No obligation, just good information.

Attend your FREE strategy session in person, via video call or over the phone and see if Advisory Advantage fits your business needs.

Get started and allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you. We'll meet once a quarter and call every fortnight. Get ready for growth.

How It Works

Consider the value of your business over time. Just like the equity in your own home, the equity of your brand can rise and fall depending on its perceived value compared to others in the market.

In today’s online world, it’s easy to compare yourself with your competition.

How are you stacking up? Do you look like a sound investment or a risky investment?

Since 2012, we have worked with over 700 companies, large and small. We’ve drawn conclusions about what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve taken what we have learned and built the Advisory Advantage Programme. The programme installs the fundamentals needed to grow businesses in the financial services industry. It’s designed to help you find and keep your ideal clients and talk to them in a way they understand, map clear pathways to freedom and success, remove overwhelm and take out the guesswork. It’s time to grow the brand equity of your practice with ease.


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Life’s too short to try and do everything yourself. You know the value you can add to your clients business. We see the value we can make to yours. We are passionate about supporting this industry. There are so many opportunities to grow and thrive. Most companies are too busy looking after their clients and are time poor, understaffed and unable to keep up to date with changing trends and seize the opportunities. Let us help you. Lean on us to help grow your business into a brand.

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